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I guess you're on this page as you want to get to know me.

So here we go!


Yep, that's me (not the dog, but the dude on the left).

My name is Kris, or (Krisztian), currently living in green Northern Ireland with my lovely wife. I originally moved here in 2007 from Hungary. I guess you figured this name is not typically from around here.

I got into IT in 2014, starting as an infrastructure engineer in a local company. Then quickly moved into software engineering (both backend and front-end), then now AWS and cloud services. Here's a list of AWS services that I've had something to do with, one way or another:

Load Balancers, EC2, ECS, ECR, Lambda, Budgets, EFS, CloudFront, OpenSearch, Route53, RDS, Support, S3, Cost explorer, IAM, Cloudwatch, CloudTrail, SNS, CloudFormation, EventBridge, ACM, WAF, GuardDuty, API Gateway, SecurityHub Console, Config, Backups

I've recently completed 2 AWS certifications relating to the above: see here

Besides AWS, my hobbies include self-hosting, automation and AI. I love discovering new tools and using it to make my life easier.

Here's some of the tech that I'm deeply engaged with:

  • secure home automation (home assistant)
  • n8n no-code tool (it's similar to Zapier, but self-hosted)
  • LLMs and AI automation via langchain

If you haven't heard anything about these on my blog, you certainly will.

Besides computers and "virtual things", I love cats and dogs. To be fair I love all kind-of animals! Unfortunately I can't have any pets, but here's a picture of our neighbour's cat that visits us time-to-time.


Like most people I have a passion of travelling and discovering new places and eating tasty meals.